KU’RAMI Studio is managed by Kurami Entertainment (002905974-U). KU’RAMI kicked off on 2014 as a platform for friends to showcase their talent and passion in music. As we grow, KU’RAMI emerged as a business entity to serve the interest and demands by corporate clients.

KU’RAMI was inspired by the words Oku Rami, refers to the act of being entertained; literally means “I’m happy” or “I’m glad” or “I’m pleased” or “I’m joyful” in the Bidayuh language of Sarawak. It expresses thankfulness and gratitude to someone who makes you feel happy. Therefore, at KU’RAMI Studio, it simply means “THANK YOU”.


KU’RAMI operates with a social enterprise business model, driven by social missions to promote ‘Music with a Purpose’. We devote our passions for music though the initiation of events and projects to serve our core values: 1. Community 2. Culture and 3. Innovation

COMMUNITY | Giving back through music, KU’RAMI collaborates with musicians and social community / social support group for family with special kids to persistently support their social activities through live performance and digital content sharing to raise fund and awareness for this social cause.

CULTURE | Honoring one’s culture doesn’t always mean keeping purely to traditional music and doing things exactly the way it was done by their forefathers although it was important to know the how’s and why’s. Our events and music are meant to promote ‘Diversity’ and ‘Sound of Unity’, to bring Borneo traditional tunes and various ethnic elements in a way that the younger generation can relate to; to inspire and ignite sparks of curiosity and pride among the youth of new generation.

INNOVATION | We uncover fresh, unacknowledged good talents and provide platform for them to develop their love of music, to get notice and to enhance their profile in music. Since 2020, we create social projects to bring relief to musicians, those among the hardest hit by the Covid-19 pandemic; to adapt and advance digital transformation in music industry. We aim to influence them to leverage their talent as content creators with a well-produced music-related video.

In our events and projects, we collaborate with various uncover, talented practitioners in the creative industry (e.g. singers, musicians, dancers, street performers, technical crews, videographers, photographers, digital content creators, venue providers) to grow together; enhancing our portfolio together.


KU’RAMI offers music production facilities which include audio recording and mixing, and music composition, arrangement and remixes. We also provide facilities for music rehearsal or jamming.

In earlier 2021, as music consumption is increasingly on digital and video marketing has emerged as one of the best tools the music industry, KU’RAMI started to advance towards digital contents technology by offering audio and visual facilities for music-related video production and online streaming.

KU’RAMI is also an event and talent manager. We bring fresh new or unacknowledged good talents, creative events and innovative contents, specializing in Borneo flavour. For us, events are so much more than parties, gathering and conferences. AT KU’RAMI, we believe events connect people, breed innovation, build communities, and spark change.